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Its 2017.. I miss-ed 2016!
Hello livejournal..

Looking back at my entry latest entry. It was 2015. Hahaha
I missed one year after all that brag want to post once a month. I stopped at April..
What a life..

2016 is really a life lesson year for me.
I looking for my ultimate life goal and what actually I want to achieve in life.
The searching are still in progress and I still looking and searching inside me.

The conflict you felt inside you when you are questioning yourself is scary and intense.
I need to live in the real world as I live my life soooooooo comfortable within my own world. Not care about what is going around me. Feeling not care and the ignorance level which make me so clueless when I seeking something that even I donno what actually am I seeking? the frustration. OMG!

However, Alhamdulillah, Allah still love me. All I need is to go back to Him and He will guide me In sha Allah.
Lets be a better person following His guidance..

This year is about making a move/action/decision.
You want something, JUST DO IT! NO EXCUSE!

Thats all.


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