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My Very First Entry in LJ~
I dont know that writing a entry can be this nervous...

Well, this is the very first entry i write..
Im still learning how to use LJ..
The environment is very unfamiliar but I want to be as good as my friend who had introduced LJ to me..

today theme is  BOREDNESS..
im very bored and i decided to type this entry.. huhuhu...
Actually i miss DBSK demn much...
because they  did not have much activities so not much 'stalking' can be done...


today im totally in jae's mood...

I think i better stop now...
sorry for the boring n meaningless entry...
yoroshiku onegaishimasu~~

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I want to be as good as my friend who had introduced LJ to me..
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL gelak sampai pengsan.. kekeke..
hahha.. topic boring pon penoh kt page aku sbb aku post bile boring nk mati je.. aa... nt aku post something aku tag ko so ko pon ley la wat gak.. nt ek.. mlm2 skit ke..


ayat jelouse tuh~~
aku boring smpi xtau nk wat pe...


ko reti men aku xreti men...

oh.. ni reti la ni..

ps. jae bukak bj kt atas lupe nk tego.. HAWT!!! XD

mencuba2 dong~

pe lako.. tu main point kot..
dah la sengih nmpk gigi..
xtdo mlm aku tgk tau~

Hello there !
I saw you added me as a friend. I usually don't add people back if there's not many journal entries, but I see you're new around here ^___^
Hope you'll feel comfortable around ^__^
I'm Lia, 22, from Belgium. My favorite member is Junsu =)
How about you ?

Hope you had a nice day~!

(Deleted comment)
Oh I'm sure we'd get along great =D
I love Junsu, but I'm willing to share ;o)

Oh I get what you mean, I'm absolutely obsessed with JYJ too now =D I LOOOOOVE Empty SO MUCH !!! And I really like Be my Girl too ! And of course, Junsu's I can Soar is amazing too =D

I really can't wait to get my copy =) I ordered the luxury edition, but I'm not sure yet if I'll get it because of the problems with pre-orders.

Did you order it ?

hahhaa... i don't know... but if you are willing to share i think you two should can get along well... ^^v

ngeee... of course u love I Can Soar by Junsu...
hehehe.... i trying to love ayy girl since there are part that i did not like YET...

waaa.. you order it?? cool~~

I'm not sure yet but I'm going to their showcase here in Malaysia this Sunday.. kyaaaaa...>o< I'm cannot wait to see them soon~~~~~

hello to you Lia!

thanks for adding back... ^^v
I'm new n not very familiar with LJ yet..
my friend introduce LJ to me and I'm still learning~ hehehe

BTW, I'm shak, same age =), from Malaysia..
well, my friend's fav member is Junsu too.. u two mayb can get along well.... or mayb not.. >_<;
I dont really have specific biased.. it depends on the situation.. but now I'm obsess with JYJ...
OMG!! hehehehe

have u heard their new album??
I like empty~

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